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Apps sharing platform for medical images analysis

womia centralizes and classifies medical imaging Apps in one place enabling physicians a fast connection
to the Apps they need and developers a seamless distribution of their Apps.

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Connect to a collection of innovative medical imaging Apps

Physicians buy and download the Apps they need developed by third-party providers from all around the world.

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Build and Monetize medical imaging Apps

Developers and researchers monetize their Apps and target the right customers using womia APIs and web services.

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Technical and clinical evaluation of medical imaging App

womia Assists developers in the evaluation of their Apps through independent experts without exposing intellectual property.

The future has already arrived.
It's just not evenly distributed yet. William Gibson

What womia provides to the Apps User ?

Access to high value medical imaging Apps with transparent quality.

Find the right App in a few Clicks

Rapid access to a collection of innovative medical imaging applications in a one stop shop.

Purchase only Apps that you need

Save thousands of dollars versus OEM packages imaging software. Need based model : You pay for what you need.

Get an Accurate perception of the Apps quality

See parmeters that shows the quality of the Apps in terms of reliability, accuracy and rapidity.

Optimize your process

Save time by using one preferred platform for visualizing all your medical images and empower it with the third-party Apps that you need.


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What womia provides to the Apps Developer ?

Dedicated APIs and web services for building, evaluating and monetizing Apps in order to target the right customers.

Monetize Apps from your home office

Make money on the Apps you have developed and follow-up their success using our APIs.

Personalized Channel of distribution

Show up your Apps and connect to targeted customers in one place.

Skip the marketing process

Focus on developping Apps and let us take care of the hassle of commercializing and marketing your research.

Build your Apps

Turn your medical imaging algorithms to a reliable, accurate and rapid Apps using womia APIs.

Workflow integration

Connect your App to well known third-party viewers /Pacs (Osirix & Horos) using womia APIs.

Evaluate your Apps

Connect to independent experts who assist you in the evaluation of your Apps without exposing intellectual property.


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About Us

womia is democratizing the medical imaging applications market.
It provides a new way for distributing, monetizing and evaluating medical imaging solutions.

We believe physicians can use one preferred platform for visualizing all their medical images and find third-party Apps that fulfill their needs
We believe all good medical imaging Apps built by researchers and developers deserve a chance for success.
We believe in a worldwide community of users and developers of medical imaging Apps that will create improve patient care and empower independent app developers.

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